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Since the 1800s De Waterkant Village has housed many characters, from religious to historical to political to colourful. Most of their names and tales have been told and forgotten, but some left their marks in bricks, mortar, urban legends and neighbourhood stories and memories. In 1997 the Cape Town City Council declared De Waterkant Village a national preservation area.
Over the centuries this 12-block neighbourhood has been home to stonemasons, soldiers, sailors, merchants, crafters, clergy, the Dutch, the English, the Malays, the Khoi, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, whores, homosexuals, bohemians, butchers, bakers, shoe makers, travellers, foreigners, film directors, fashion fundis, playwrights, property developers and investors. Yes, if these streets could talk...

De Waterkant Village is one of Cape Town's true original gems with its unique architectural style, its laid back atmosphere, its cosmopolitan residents, its close proximity to the city centre, table mountain, waterfront and all major roads and highways and its fabulous lifestyle that it offers. Few have been disappointed, most have been impressed and many have returned.

In recent years the area has undergone an impressive urban revival that has allowed and encouraged more shops and restaurants to open. At the heart of this revival and development is the Cape Quarter with its beautiful cobbled courtyard surrounded by shops and restaurants. With an old Pepper Tree and a water feature as its centrepiece this piazza-style development attracts local and foreigner visitors to experience true Cape hospitality and style that spills out onto the neighbourhood streets. 
In De Waterkant visitors are welcome, residents are friendly, decor shops are extravagant, homes are historic, lifestyle shops are stylish, bars are trendy, property prices are soaring, nightclubs are rocking, restaurants are cooking, wines are chilled, guesthouses are full, streets are buzzing, health spas are steaming and parking bays are limited! 
Whatever you're looking for will be found in De Waterkant. It's simply the only place to be in Cape Town!

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De Waterkant
Cape Town

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