Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is South Africa’s largest province, with the smallest population. The Orange River flows through vast stretches of drought ridden countryside, a gentle trickle in some places and raging rapids in others. Life thrives along the rivers banks, and it is here that towns have grown up in the province, and that agriculture has been able to thrive.

The Northern Cape is most famous for diamond mining. The province’s capital, Kimberley, is the home of Big Hole, the largest man made hand dug excavation in the world. When diamonds were discovered in the town hopeful prospectors flooded to the town, and the diamond industry was born.

The wide expanse of the Great Karoo, with its harsh arid vegetation, bright blue wide skies and star filled nights, is littered with small towns steeped in history. Huge farms make up much of this area, inhabited by farmers who have worked the land for generations.

In the same province is the Kalahari Desert. Home to the nomadic Bushmen, the Kalahari has flora and fauna species that have adapted to the lack of water, ensuring survival for all.

Namaqualand, in the west of the province is home to the world famous spring daisies. Each year visitors flock to this area between August and October to witness the explosion of colour as the flowers come in to bloom.

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