Free State

A predominantly rural province in the heart of South Africa, rich in Afrikaner history, the Free State is an area of sprawling farmland and natural beauty. Bordered by the Vaal River in the South and the Orange River in the North, and sharing a land border with the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, the Free State is a place of vast horizons and big skies.

The province’s capital, Bloemfontein, is home to South Africa’s judiciary, as well as the National Museum Bloemfontein, which is home to a collection of fossils, archaeological finds and items of cultural and historical relevance.

Visitors can experience Free State life by visiting one of the many small towns that dot the landscape. From Clarens, Bethlehem and Ficksburg with their historic buildings and art galleries to the Basotho cultural villages that are spread throughout the area, the warm hospitality and rich multicultural history of the Free State is on hand for all to experience.

Explore the San rock art sites that date back hundreds of thousands of years, or visit the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, which gets its name from the colour the sun creates as it reflects off the neighbouring mountains; both are two musts when visiting this magnificent province.

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